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(irregardless of whether you will gets the 10% commission or not*)

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Hi everyone,

Good Morning, Good Afternoon or Good Evening wherever you are in this part of the world, my name is William Siong and I am the owner of Prawfeed Builderall Channel.

I am excited about what I am going to tell you on this video. This is not a Sales video, neither is it a tutorial video instead it is a RECOMMENDATION plus REVIEW video on what I think is a revolutionary Networking and Social media platform called Webtalk.​​​​​​​

Take a look of at this picture of what has happened during the past 90 days (from July 2018 till today)…

Because not only is this a new form of Social Media platform, it also comes with a money making opportunity for ANYONE who embraces it for the long term haul!

​​​​​​​Watch this video to have an idea what it is?

Once you have gotten the Account, quickly UPDATE your Profile and get hold of your Affiliate Link to promote it to your closest friends or buddies. Not sure? Watch video above again ;-)

And ABC News have to say about them when they hits 500,000 Users

By now, IF you are already excited and want to get hold of this account,

Now, watch my bare Profile πŸ˜œ and the features that comes with it:

On the other hand, if you are still skeptical or unsure about it,  please continue to watch the following videos where I will take you to the Profile area of Founder RJ Garbowicz to view his latest information about the development of Webtalk which is now in the Beta Testing Phase. You will be able to see his future plans for Webtalk too!

After which I will show you my bare and "fresh from the Oven" account so that you have an idea what it is like inside when you first sign up and I promise to UPDATE my progress weekly to show you whether my account user actually grows.

I am not asking you to join because of the "interim bonus or commission" that I might be able to make (*reason because it had already breakthrough more than 1 Million Users on 6 October 2018) BUT I am seeing the potential of YOU becoming a Beta User right now and having the opportunity and ability to earn or make passive income in the near future when the platform mould into a more Commercial outfit.

This is my perspective, Webtalk is a hybrid of Facebook and LinkedIn functionality plus the ability to SEGREGATE your contacts into a Personal and Professional groupings on a SINGLE account which the other 2 "giants" could not!


Have a peek of the Founder’s Profile and his latest news here:

Over the next few days, I will be tweaking the various elements inside my account so that it will become a useful Contact Management System that I can use for my private as well as business activities. Please lookout for my videos which will show you how things are done. Fair enough?

​​​​​​​They literally grew from 0 User to 1.6 Million Users today (23 Oct 2018)!